For the last two weeks I had an assignment to work on an infographic to visually express a call to action and to bring awareness to an audience. Being able to express a thought through powerful images, different texts and different colors can leave a potent and lasting impression. Infographics are an important tool to […]

After completing my social media audit on Ninkasi, we had a unique opportunity to present our research and findings to the actual company! It was very rewarding to present our work that we have done for weeks to the company. During the presentation we learned a bunch of legalities that companies face especially, breweries when […]

I recently had a unique group project that involved investigating a company’s social media presence throughout all outlets. We also compared its internet presence with three competitors to see how they faired up against them. We had the privilege to work on a local Eugene brewing company called Ninkasi. I was assigned to look at Ninkasi’s […]

Not just public relations I sat down with Kevin Brett, a professor here at the University of Oregon, to ask him some questions about his investor relations career and learn about his new strategic financial business communications class he started in the winter. Kevin was the press secretary for Duke Deukmejian, who was running for […]

Blogging has always been an outlet to express yourself and shared opinions. My blog will be all about my personal journey with investor relations.  I’m nearing closer to the next chapter in my life of getting a job and entering the real world. For the past year I’ve been learning and practicing public relations, more […]

Welcome to my blog- I’m a junior at the University of Oregon. I transferred from Marymount College in Palos Verdes, Calif., my freshman year to get a college town feel and to be a part of the ground breaking work the University of Oregon has established in it’s journalism school. Currently I am a photographer […]